QVC Inc: Job Redesign and Workplace Rewards

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QVC ~ Job Redesign & Workplace Rewards QVC, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Liberty Interactive Corporation (QVC, 2010), is one of the largest multimedia retailers in the world. QVC is committed to providing its customers with thousands of the most innovative and contemporary beauty, fashion, jewelry, and home products. Its programming is distributed to approximately 200 million homes worldwide. The company's website,, is ranked among the top general merchant Internet sites. With operations in the United Kingdom, Germany, Japan, and Italy, West Chester, Pa.-based QVC has shipped more than a billion packages in its 25-year history. Its success lends to the various job positions currently available. As of April 26, 2012, QVC has 91 job positions advertised (QVC, 2010) in which 12% are Sales & Marketing positions within the United States. If QVC does not sell its products, the implications for lack of productivity and consumer spending will have a trickling effect. Consequently, its profit margins will dwindle because inventory is simply not moving. Therefore, sales and marketing positions require a closer assessment since its sustainability is dependent upon the success of these positions. Job Components Assessment Sales and marketing requires a vast array of components, tasks, and responsibilities to be successful in these positions. An associate must exhibit a professional demeanor and a positive attitude. It is critical for him or her to have a high

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