Qantas Airways Strategy

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This Internet strategy paper is prepared for Qantas Airways with the aim of analyzing how Internet marketing was incorporated in the company’s business strategy. Gathering of needed information was done through utilizing electronic databases and journals from the library, as well as books related to the topic. In addition, websites of the various businesses involved were viewed for the latest company news and information.

For the purposes of this paper, the Qantas Group is narrowed down to one of its business units, which is Qantas. Furthermore, the competitors considered are all home grown Australian airlines. At present, Jet Star, Virgin Blue, and Tiger Airways are all side-by-side Qantas in the endeavor to win the hearts
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This agreement will allow carriers of Australia and the United States to offer their service in each other’s states without restriction on the amount of travelers carried, the quantity of services operated, or any other limitations on the rights to transmit passengers or cargo (Albanese 2008). On the other hand, the company should be aware of the growth of low-cost airlines, especially now, that many are experiencing the global financial crisis, and customers are looking for the best value for their money without sacrificing their safety and security. To top that is a threat to the company’s expenses in the form of continuously rising oil prices.

C. Competitor Analysis

1. Jet Star

This value based carrier network is owned by the Qantas Group. However, Jet Star still operates independently with its own management team. The company provides low fares to fulfill their mission of making air travel affordable to many and encourage them to fly more often.

2. Virgin Blue Airlines

According to Virgin Blue (2010), the company’s commitment to be the best in the aviation industry has brought the business to its current position. From its modest launch as the first low fare airline in Australia, Virgin Blue is now known globally. Consumers can’t seem to get enough of their on-time performance and value for money, which allowed Virgin Blue to evolve from a start up entrepreneurial company to now one of the world’s most

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