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1. Evaluate the strategic choice that Quantas has both a theoretical and practical perspective, and examine how these choices affect human resource planning.
2. If you were in a position to advise Alan Joyce, what would you recommend he does to maintain the commitment of the employees and implement HR planning? Explain your answer recommendation.

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The frontline of the QANTAS organization is its cabin crews, and QANTAS recognizes the inherent difficulties they face with irregular sign on and sign off times.
QANTAS also recognize that women, in particular, but all workers in general, have family commitments, and that these irregular hours impact on their life and family responsibilities. There is a need for greater flexibility in this area particularly.
4.2) Improving productivity
The innovative work flexibility strategy has been implemented. This has caused concerns that productivity may suffer as a result. Also, with the increasing concerns over the airline industry worldwide, and the global financial crisis, QANTAS has recognized that it must improve productivity.
4.3) Increasing workplace safety
QANTAS are aware that the future workforce must be trained in different aspects of safety and security. They do ensures that the employee must be safe and sounds during operating hours and being aware of the terrorism activity.
4.4) Recruit internally for future human resource needs
Perhaps, the appearance of Qantas innovations working culture, and the projections that further innovations will be implemented, QANTA sees that recruiting staff from external sources may not satisfy the requirements of the future QANTAS work place.

5) SWOT of Qantas

5.1) Strength: Qantas have a very strong and very trustworthy name, which has a proof record by its history of being the second oldest airline in domestic
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