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Business Report Executive Summary Qantas’ financial performance has been very successful in recent years with the business recovering strongly from GFC and a large decrease in revenue to ear 377 million in 2010. The effective financial performance has been the result of effective profitability, liquidity, efficiency, return on capital, good solvency and growth including the establishment of a new airline (jet star). Financial management of Qantas The financial management of Qantas refers to the proper management of capital and funds in order to achieve the goals of the business. The financial management of Qantas has been very successful as it is one of the few profitable airlines in the world that does not receive government…show more content…
Qantas’ downfall in sales/gearing in 2009 due to the GFC. This year Qantas’ decided not to pay dividends and instead took the retained profits and spent the capital on new aircraft and renewal within the business in order to increase revenue. Efficiency Efficiency refers to a business’ ability maximise output (customer service) by minimising cost of operations and time required to complete required tasks. This ratio measures total expenses as a proportion of total revenue. It decreased slightly from %99 to %98 this year but is substantially strong like other airline (singapore airline %99). One of the main startegies qantas has undertaken to be effefctive with increaseing there efficiecny would be there use of RSF (revenue seat factor) which is used as a key indicator of efficiency. It measures the percentage of total passenger capacity actually utilised by paying passengers. Other startegies include: Investment in it systems + eccomerce More efficiecnt aircraft (-25% fuel) Restructuring of catering and engineering. By using strategies like Fuel hedging in order to turn a variable cost into a fixed cost means that qantas can lock in a certain price for fuel (via contract) and save money if the price of fuel increases. Qantas’ future in efficiency looks to be very promising as an increase in use of E commerce, more efficient planes, and improved economies of scale all work in favour to ensure qantas’ ability to

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