Qantas 's Marketing Strategy And Business Success

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Innovation and creativity within the context of a firm’s customer’s provide the basis for establishing and developing strong customer relationships, as well as continual business growth and success. Industry leaders represent good examples that demonstrate just how important customers are towards creating value for the firm; such is the case with Australia’s airline industry where Qantas, one of the largest and most reputable brands, continuously re-evaluates their marketing strategies in order to stay ahead of the competition. This report will analyse the purpose, implementation and results of one of Qantas’s latest marketing innovations, in regards to a key marketing concept and sub-marketing theories. Links will be drawn between the…show more content…
There exist numerous marketing hypotheses and frameworks that aim to better understand why customer relationships, retention and satisfaction are so important. For example, marketers try to segregate the different types of customer loyalty, framing them under factors of ‘repeat patronage’ and ‘relative attitude’. Also, customer loyalty levels are ranked along a “loyalty ladder” that identifies the most profitable customers to whom the firm should target marketing strategies towards. Finally, customer satisfaction, a driver of loyalty, is summarised into a conceptual framework known as “customer response zones”. The firm has two major goals in mind when implementing this strategy. Freed (2014) states Qantas’s intentions to “…boost engagement with customers and revenue from its loyalty partners”. It aims to build a culture of engagement associated with positive and personalised experiences in dealing with the company. In the context of Qantas, it’s latest marketing initiative is the introduction of an ‘online mall’ as part of a new ‘Qantas points’ website that expands its current frequent flyer program (Freed 2014). To promote its new loyalty program, Qantas has launched a campaign to “…encourage customers to explore” (, 2014). Qantas’s “…loyalty program members that were not particularly frequent flyers” (Freed 2014) hold “latent loyalty” towards the firm, associated with high

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