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The report has discussesd and appliesd theoretical concepts and principles of strategic management into analyzing the environment context where to Qantas Airways Limited operates.
It shows that, Qantas has a long history and sustainable development but needs to evolve in the global world. ization context, the company has to continue
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In 2012, Qantas carries a 44.6% shares of the Australian domestic market and 18% of all passengers travelling in and out of Australia while the respective market segments for Jetstar are 20,7% and 8%. The chart below compares the top 10 international airlines.
Figure 1: Top 10 international airlines in Australia

(Source: ANNA- Airlines Network News and Analysis, 2010) 
2.2. Resources and capabilities
- Tangible resources: Establisheding in 1920, Qantas Group has grown gradually and remain one of the largest and strongest in Australian airways industry. During the last 5 recently years, Qantas has steadily expanded its operations by increasing number of aircrafts, passengers, employees and destinations all over the world. Its development can be demonstrated as data below:
Figure 2: Qantas’s resources from 2008-2012  (Adopted from Qantas data book 2012, see Appendix)
Qantas’s total asset increased from $19.7 billion in 2008 to $21.1 billion in 2012. More than half of its assets are from property, plant and equipment which book value at $14.13m at the end of FY2012. Intangible assets values at $610,000. 
At the end of FY2012, the corporation had a cash balance of $3.4 billion, and 308 aircrafts from three main suppliers Airbus, Boeing and Bombardiers. The Group has 12 Airbus A380, 30 Airbus A330, 60 Boeing B737, 36 Boeing B747 and 46 Bombardiers. 
- Intangible resources:
Qantas has a strong reputation for long history

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