Qatar Airways And Its Impact On The Asian East Asia

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Over the last few years, Australia has been booming with tourists mainly from the middle east Asia. The cause of this major boom in Australian tourism was due to the growth of Gulf carriers carrying 11.5% of all international passengers to and from Australia. With an alarming increase of traffic to Australia by the Gulf carriers, the Australian market share has increased, leaving Emirates Australia 's second most popular international airline (Flynn,2014). Each of the gulf carriers has had different approaches of affecting the Australian market share and consequently had different effects to the market. Emirates and Etihad formed partnership and alliances with the two main Australian airlines, Qantas and Virgin Australia. Qatar airways is…show more content…
Before the alliance, Qantas had an alliance with British airways and in 2004 they held 3% of the market share but in 2013 they were not to be seen as one of the top market sharers. Also, as shown in figure 3, in 2006 Emirates had joined the Australian market first than the other two gulf carriers and had an outstanding amount of 630,000 seats to Australia. While Emirates was making a big impact in Australian market, Etihad joined in 2007 right after Emirates, however they were not as successful as Emirates. Etihad gradually gained passengers and in 2009 when Qatar airways joined, they had approximately 290,000 passengers. By the end of 2015 Etihad had the same number of seats to Australia as Emirates had in 2005 and Qatar Airways was even smaller. As shown from figure 3, Qatar Airways had Etihad’s 2008/2009 seats to Australia in 2015. (CAPA,2015). Although Qantas still remains with the most market share in Australia, Emirates is showing its capabilities to dominate the Australian market. Emirates is not the only gulf carrier that is showing some form of dominance or its potential to have the top 10 most market share. Etihad is the eight largest airline in Australia. Although Etihad doesn’t greatly impact the Australian market like Emirates, it currently has the same number of seats to Australia as
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