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Qatar Qatar is an independent country which shares its borders with Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates. Doha is the capital of Qatar, which was ruled by Bahrain in 1700’s and in the year 1971, Qatar got independence and appeared on the world map as an independent country. The reason of independence was peace in Gulf. The official language of Qatar is Arabic, but English is spoken widely. The economy of Qatar is strong and is growing, and the growth can be traced in these many years. Qatar is considered as the most dynamic country in the region, and its economy is considered as the fastest growing economy in the world. Qatar is also known as an active member of United Nations, and it provides great employment opportunities to the…show more content…
Qatar has an authoritarian monarchy which is known as an Emirate. The Government of the country is responsible to take decisions for the country, by making different policies which are followed throughout the country by everyone. Qatar is rich with natural resources including oil and gas, which has resulted in the progress of the country and in its tremendous development. The discovery of natural resources in Qatar resulted in bringing the changes in the country in these many years. The human rights record of Qatar has been quite poor, and as a result the United Nations is not really impressed with the country. the corporate punishments and detentions are examples of human right violation. Qatar does not provide complete freedom to its people, press and companies. The government of the country enforces strictness on the foreign travel and on media and press. They control all the actions of the people and companies by making different formal policies and regulations. Even after the development and progress, the people of Qatar have to face discrimination. Women rights are ignored in Qatar to a great extent, and they are not provided with an opportunity to move out and get into the business world.

Today Qatar is different from the past, and this change is result of growth of its economy. Qatar has changed with the passage of time, and as a result the country and its economy has grown to a great extent. In the
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