Qatar : The Richest Countries

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Across the world there are many countries or states that are very wealthy or are very poor. A example of a very wealthy country is Qatar, it has a GDP (Gross Domestic Product) from website 2016, of $143,532 as stated on website, so in other words, this is the first richest country in the entire world.
Furthermore, ranking top 1st richest country in the world is Qatar. Qatar is located near Saudi Arabia and according to the website named states “...has the highest GDP of 140,649”. The country Qatar also has a very well or developed oil industry as claimed on website “”In addition, as stated in the website “” states “ Qatar will host the FIFA world cup in 2022 for which it will build nine ecofriendly iconic stadiums, some that will be able to host up to 80,000 people”. Another one in the website“” claims “ Football and soccer is one of Qatar’s most popular sports…” Qatar’s religion is muslim, the main languages are Arabic and some of English. According to the website “”
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