Qatar World Cup

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On December 2, 2010, announced FIFA President FIFA Joseph Sepp Blatter granted Qatar the honor of hosting the FIFA World Cup in 2022, will be the most popular competition in the Middle East for the first time in tournament history of 92 years. Where has the honor of Qatar to host the World Cup in the fourth ballot is superior to Australia, Japan and South Korea and the United States. And RPR country winner file privilege management presented the "best organization" World Cup ever, with all stadiums proposed to organize the tournament, 60 km from each other except for one Stadium. The Organizing Committee has pledged to construct nine new stadiums and renovate three other courts; which wowed the Executive Committee of…show more content…
The Organizing Committee for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar has been published last February plans to improve the conditions of foreign workers after coming under pressure from the International Federation of Football Associations (FIFA). " Workers' Charter " The Qatari authorities issued a " charter of workers " last month in an attempt to improve the rights of workers. But this Charter only applies to those who work directly in private buildings with equipment for the World Cup. According to the Supreme Committee for Qatar 2012, it will apply only to the 38 factors. There are more than a million migrant workers employed in infrastructure projects for the World Cup. " Small step " But Amnesty International described the recent decisions as " much less than the radical changes necessary to remedy the abuses committed against the amount of foreign labor " in diameter. Amnesty said in a statement issued by the day, that the measures proposed country intersect traveled with the findings of the law firm of international cost the Qatari government to investigate the problem, a report which confirmed the findings of the organization about violations against foreign workers in this country. Qatar has decided to ease restrictions on foreign workers after exposure to international criticism ahead of its hosting of the World Cup football in 2022. Qatar has been subjected to intense pressure to force it to abandon the
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