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Qatar Background Research Background Research Environmental: Soils: Qatar being a desert environment, most people think that it is not possible to grow plants there. This is not the case. There are 5 different soil types to consider throughout Qatar: ● Rawdha soils: these soils have a small amount of organic matter, low water retention properties and poor structural properties. Also, rawdha soils give rise to surface crusting which interferes with the plant-air-water relationship and inhibits the emergence of seedlings. ● sabhka soils: are soils that are made of sand.. Most of that sand in these soils is driven by wind, which makes it structurally unstable and unsafe for travelers. ● Lithosols: The most common soil in…show more content…
They can be seen anywhere from urban areas to the middle of the desert. They are most common in urban areas due to the concentration of plant life there. ■ Papilio demoleuso: Shallowtail butterfly- usually more known as the lime or lemon butterfly because it is attracted to citrus plants. Viewed as a pest due the damage it does to citrus plants. ○ Honey Bee: A popular insect found in Qater. They use them for their honey production as honey is a staple in the breakfast foods that they eat. ● Reptiles: There are many different reptiles present in qatar. There are various different lizard species that are found both in the deset and urban environments. ○ Heavy Bodied Lizard-dhubor dhabor- Harmless vegetarian, need to drink little to no water to survive. They are considered a delicacy by the badu, which most of the is being in the spiny tail. ○ Gecko: The gecko is the most common lizard that is found in urban environments. This is due to them being able to find a more substantial source of food. Vegetation: Although vegetation is difficult to grow in the desert, there are plants that can survive there. During the winter months, there are a lot of dormant plants that appear particularly when there has been a sufficient amount of rainfall. There are 6 different plant communities that have been recognized in Qatar. ● Plant Communities ○ Coastal- contains mostly halophytes: plants that
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