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Activity 10. Part A. Explain the term Confidentility: Confidentiality is a right a person has in which to keep information about themselves private without anyone else being able to access it unless given permission or consent by an authorised person. A person's information should only be disclosed on a need to know basis i.e official bodies or next of kin unless specified otherwise. Information may also be disclosed if the information that is being held outweighs the risk to the person's health. Part B. Give a brief explanation of how you confidentially: Communicate with individuals: If you were to communicate with individuals where confidentiality is involved you would only speak about what the individual is comfortable with. You…show more content…
There should not be any information held which is not relevant to the resident or their care. A resident's record should never be kept longer than necessary. Store information about the individual: A residents information should be stored in a way that other relevant staff can access it if on a need to know basis. Residents information should be stored safely and securely where no other public person can obtain the information. If residents information is stored on a computer the user of the computer needs to only be able to access this with a username and password, no other individuals should be able to access this. A back-up copy of these documents should be kept in a secure place in case of any computer failure. Part C. Identify the records you are responsible for completing: A resident care profile should consist of care planned for the resident and any decisions made. Residents care profiles should be clear, concise, factual and accurate. Any information recorded about that resident should be recorded as near to the event as possible and only relevant information should be recorded. At least two entries per day should be entered into a care profile about the resident. If residents require more entries due to a change in their care this can be completed when ever necessary. Every month each resident should have a profile review to ensure all relevant information is up to date. Some information may be used as evidence in a

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