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BARRIERS TO COMMUNICATION In any organization effective communication forms an essential part of the organization’s growth and progress. However, it has been seen that this is not always the case. This istrue in today’s globalized world when one has employees coming from different ethnic, cultural and religious backgrounds working together. If the reasons for communication failure are examined it has been found that they fall in four distinct categories. These are: 1) Process or organizational barriers. 2) Personal barriers 3) Physical barriers 4) Semantic barriers These categories will be examined in detail, one by one. Organizational or Process barriers: The organizational barriers are…show more content…
4) Complexity of the structure: More complex the structure, more are the levels in it. In a complex structure it takes longer for any communication to reach the correct destination from the sender. 5) Organizational facilities: This includes all the media and facilities used for communication. Adequate provisioning of stationery, telephones, computers, etc. are essential for effective communication. Personal barriers: These are barriers that are imposed by the personality and culture o the persons participating in the communication. These barriers are found both in vertical and horizontal communications. These barriers are further sub-divided into: 1) Barriers with superiors: This when the superiors feel that there may be a challenge to their position and authority. This is when the superiors are not confident in their ability and fear that any communication with their juniors could lead to their deficiencies being exposed. Another problem arises when the superior has little or no confidence in the capabilities of his or her sub-ordinates. This leads to them ignoring any suggestions and communications made by their sub-ordinates. 2) Barriers with sub-ordinates: These are due to reasons like the unwillingness to communicate any negative information since there is a fear that it may reflect on their performance. Hence such information, which

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