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There are many entrepreneurs who come together as an organization and build an entrepreneurial culture to seek opportunities for innovations. An entrepreneurial culture is an environment where entrepreneurs are inspired to create new innovations. Innovation is basically to have a new idea, to change something from the old and make it new. The way people interact with one another and recognize their environment is all a part of a culture. In a business industry setting, entrepreneurial cultures are defined as the business owners getting together to inspire each other to brainstorm new ideas/ products, innovations. There are many companies out there that exemplify innovation. One that comes to mind and I believe everyone can agree is Apple…show more content…
About a decade ago most people would visit their local Target or Wal-Mart to pick up a new album. Now days it is just a push of a button on your mobile device and the music is on your phone immediately for your enjoyment. It’s easy and convenient. Another reason entrepreneurial organization seeks opportunities for innovation is to stay relevant, keeping up with the times. For example cell phones, lab tops, tablets and the internet have all become a huge part of our everyday lives. Most of us do not leave home without one or another. If a company was still depending on communication, through the post office, landlines, and or fax machines, a consumer would consider this business out dated. With most of the consumers conducting business on their mobile device it is extremely important for a company to have mobile internet access. A company having mobile friendly websites makes the access for the company to make those quick sales with the consumer much easier. This will help the company uphold a positive reputation; the company will be presenting that they are accessible, timely, and professional. In addition to the reasons listed above, entrepreneurial organizations seek opportunities for innovation is to attract new markets and for company growth. Marketing is perhaps the most important business aspect of any business. It often takes much more to attract and keep valuable customers. When making improvements to the function of well-known

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