Qi Plan Part 1 Essay

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QI Plan Part I- Consumerism
October 17, 2011

QI Plan Part I- Consumerism
Healthcare organizations have a responsibility to its consumers and various stakeholders to ensure only the highest quality care is delivered. Quality measures such as performance measurement and quality improvement processes play a critical role in helping organizations achieve quality outcomes. This paper will contrast performance measurement and quality improvement processes. In addition, this paper will discuss a healthcare organization, Gulf Coast Medical Center, its mission and QI goals, and the role of the consumer and stakeholders in the QI process.
Performance Measurement vs. Quality
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Specialties include emergency services (adult/pediatric), general medical and surgical, robotic surgery, bariatric surgery, intensive care units (adult, neonatal, pediatric), outpatient, and diagnostic services. Gulf Coast Medical Center’s mission states “above all else, we are committed to the care and improvement of human life. In recognition of this commitment, we strive to deliver high-quality, cost-effective healthcare in the communities we serve” (Gulf Coast Medical Center, 2011, Mission and Vision).
GCMC's QI Goals
GCMC is dedicated to four key quality measures: surgical care improvement project (SCIP), heart failure, pneumonia, and heart attack/chest pain. GCMC ranks higher than any local hospital in the area and consistently ranks higher than state and national averages. GCMC also has unit specific QI processes such as reducing the occurrence of Ventilator Associated Pneumonia (VAP) in the ICU and NICU, reducing falls in the pediatric population through the Humpty Dumpty program, and elimination of central line associated blood stream infections (CLA-BSI) through its AIM for Zero initiative.
Role of the Consumer
Healthcare consumers such as the patient, family, and friends play a critical role in GCMC’s QI process. According to Hibbard (2008) healthcare consumers can impact quality improvement through informed choice (market
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