Qi Plan Part II : Form Madison Community Hosital

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QI PLAN PART II JEANA BARNES HCS 589 PROFESSOR SANDBERG July 6, 2015 QI PLAN PART II – FORM MADISON COMMUNITY HOSITAL (FMCH) Focusing on improving quality service and managing care at Fort Madison Community Hospital is something they are striving to do daily. Managers also have to take in account of looking at information technology and its applications. Using these they find benchmarking and milestones. By discovering the benchmarking it will allow Fort Madison Community Hospital to better manage quality improvement so that it will be for effective daily. QI Methods Improving service in healthcare organizations by using methods that are helpful in the QI process can be challenging. There are several methods they can…show more content…
Some cons of Sigma Six is that it doesn’t always provided useful skills for as far as prevention tools. Another downfall is that it can lead to overspending. Another method used by various and many organizations is product improvement. Product production improvement is preferred by improving the product more and the product will produce more. There are several quality factors that lead to patient satisfaction while patients are looking for improvements. By health care organizations such as Madison Hospital keeping up with improving their services and providing one step above their competition is key to keep patient satisfaction rates up. One advantage of using product improvement is showering customers the hospital cares about the services provided while considering their customers (or patients in this case). In addition, health care quality services also require other areas that need improvements. Such as staff training, continuing education, updating technology, and plenty more. All of these require many resources not only for improvements but for financial resources as well. Improvement on these can be a little more challenging to improve at any health care services. Another method known for improvement is called people-based improvement. This method provided many advantages. This method is extremely beneficial because it will include everyone from managers all the way down to the customers. People-based method
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