Qi Plan Part Ii - St. Joseph Essay

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QI plan Part II
July 27, 2015
Georgia Rothstein

QI Plan Part II This week’s study is a continuation of the week three assignment. Saint Joseph’s Hospital will focus on improving patient discharge instructions. This paper will have a description of each methodology researched as well as the pros and cons of each for the chosen performance improvement area. One of the mentioned methodologies will be chosen for the organizational plan as well as an explanation of that methodology was chosen. There will be a description of information technology applications researched as well as an explanation of they could be used to improve the performance area chosen for the organization. An explanation of the involvement of benchmarks and
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The first phase is to define the objective the organization is trying to meet by indentifying and collecting the needed data. The second phase is measuring which means to measure how any new process will affect the organization. The third phase is analyze which means to look at the data that was previously collected. The fourth phase is to improve the area that was defined in the beginning. The fifth phase is control which means to take control of the information and situation to make it better. To accomplish quality improvement Six Sigma uses strong leadership and statistical thinking (Joshi, Nash, Ransom, & Ransom, 2008). The pro of this method is it allows the organization a structured way to process the information in order to make the necessary improvement. The con to this method is in the long run it could cost the company a lot of money. Another method used by organization is product improvement. One reason organizations like to use the product improvement method is because they believe if you improve the product then the product will produce more. Patients who use the facility on a regular basis will notice these improvements and be more likely to return the facility for future problems as well as refer the facility to their friends and family. By improving the services provided by the facility it will allow the facility to stay competitive and keep up with their competition. The pro to this
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