Qi Plan Part Iii Essay

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QI Plan Part III - Implementation and Revision
Anna Caluza
May 26, 2014
Linda Roan

Q I Part III – Implementing and Revising The implementation of correct systems required a team including expert leader’s approach. Effective communications between leaders of Doctor’s Medical Center, end users, the vendors, and the department staff is important when collecting data. For data transfer, authority need to assure that the new system communicate with the existing system. The administrative leaders guide the project activities, data protocol collection, clearly understand roles and responsibilities, and set up policy and procedure. Leader guide the staff to pursue the desire to achieve the goal. In
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The Modesto Medical Center of Modesto board of directors is responsible to make sure that the workers practice quality services at all times. The board of directors support and guide the implementation of quality improvement activities. The board of directors is responsible to review, and approve the system to eliminate and approve the quality improvement plans. The board of directors is responsible in monitoring the staff’s quality improvement that improve patient care and reduce risks of liability claim. The executive leaders in the organization supporting the medical staff and to comply with the Joint Commission accreditation, and executive leaders guide staff within the organization, communicate, problem solver when organization face any issues, responsible in sharing visions and goal, and review quality improvement committee’s progress in the organization (Nemeth, 2003). The Quality Improvement Committee includes a clerk, nurse, and clinical units as the multidisciplinary team management. The included duties of QI committee is to identify and coordinate QI activities, promotes and assists in implementing regulated evaluation report, and sharing information to avoid duplicate. The existing data collection is used to determine the issue and set priority, protocol, set standard for the proper use of study, assess, and solve possible
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