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Michael Nico Emperor Qianlong, Son of Heaven, Man of the world What the book covers Mark C Elliott’s book Emperor Qianlong Son of Heaven, Man of the World is a short biography about Hongli. Hongli was the fourth son of the Yongzheng Emperor and the favorite of his father and grandfather and was born in 1711. In the beginning it describes how he rose up in rank as a son through his father who introduced him to the current emperor Kangxi, his grandfather. The first chapter gives us the story of what Hongli was like as a child and how he won the favor of the Emperor. The book follows Hongli all the time from his birth from a low ranking palace consort right up to the end of his life even after he technically gave up his title as…show more content…
There are many examples of this with samples of these poems by Qianlong himself throughout the book and pictures of himself, mostly in a propaganda style though. The book gives a great short explanation of how Qianlong ruled the nation and how he lived in his home life. It details his wives and how much he liked them and what he did with them on their many travels together across the Chinese countryside. It goes into detail how much Qianlong was affected by the death of his first wife and how it might have had an affect on how he ruled from thereon. It shows that he was a loving person to his family and he treated his parents with as much respect and care for as he could give. There are descriptions of how Qianlong would go about his daily schedule and how hard it was to be in his position. It stresses how tough this job would be considering the events going on inside the nation and foreign threats. It covers his military campaigning and how he saw himself as a great warlord and giving himself the title “old man of ten perfect victories”. Elliott doesn’t go into extreme detail of each battle or conflict but it does mention all the major ones, especially the ones that Qianlong was most proud of. His international scene is covered very well. It describes how he went about his interactions with all the people that bordered china and those that came from afar. There are descriptions of how he interacted with the many religions of his nation being

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