Qin Shi Huandgi: The First Emperor Of China

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Qin Shi Huandgi -the 1st emperor of china- has proven his power, thro-wing 460 Confucian scholars into the endless pit in Xianyang City as a result of owning the forbidden books. Unconfirmed reports sugge-st that Qin ordered the death of the scholars after they were found trafficking the ‘Book of Songs’ and ‘Classic of History’. Many believe that Qin is sticking to his guns as mention at his last public appearance at Cosain Temple when he stated, “The laws will get harder and any heterodox ideas will be punished.” Two years ago Qin Shi Huangdi accepted his chief adviser, Li Si’s suggestion to order the burning of the books to avoid scholars’ comparison of his reign with the past. This is one more event that adds up to the questionable doings
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