Qmb Final Exam Essay

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1. This problem is in reference to students who may or may not take advantage of the opportunities provided in QMB such as homework. Some of the students pass the course, and some of them do not pass. Research indicates that 40% of the students do the assigned homework. Of the students who do homework, there is an 80% chance they will pass the course. The probability of not passing if the student does not do the home work is 90%. What is the probability of a student not doing homework or passing? A. .32 B. .52 C. .94 D. .92 E. .38 Answer: D 2. Suppose that for a certain football game the probability that the home team will be ahead at half-time is 0.60 and the probability that the home…show more content…
What is the probability the salesperson goes more than 5 days without a sale? A. .75 B. .92 C. .08 D. .40 E. None of the above. Answer: C 10. During lunch time, customers arrive at Joe's Lunch counter according to a Poisson distribution with an average of 2 per 30 second period. What is the probability of having more than two arrivals in a two-minute period? A. .9863 B. .9970 C. .0027 D .7619 E. None of the above Answer: A Use the following to answer questions 11-12 The new owner of a beauty shop is trying to decide whether to hire one, two, or three beauticians. She estimates that profits next year (in thousands of dollars) will vary with demand for her services and has estimated demand in three categories low, medium and high. |NUMBER | | |OF |DEMAND | |BEAUTICIANS | | | |LOW |MEDIUM |HIGH | |One |50 |75 |100 | |Two |0 |100 |100 |

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