Qnt 351 Data Collection Essay

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Data Collection Data is a collection of facts that can be measured or translated. Data may consist of words, numbers, observations, descriptions of things, and measurements. Data may be qualitative or quantitative. “Qualitative data is descriptive information that describes something. Quantitative data is continuous measurements of numerical information” (Lind, Marchal, & Wathen, 2011, p. 9). Data can be collected in many ways but the simplest way is direct observation. Understanding data analysis helps people to make an informed decision. Team A has been tasked with analyzing the Excel data set of freshmen’s weight both before and after their first semester at a leading state university. The freshmen lived in either an on-campus…show more content…
In this particular experiment, we will conduct an experiment called the designed experiment in this survey. We will use the weight of the each freshmen randomly selected at this leading university whom either lives in the dormitory or off- campus in private dormitories. Another way of collecting data is conducting it as a survey in which researcher will sample a group of people both male and female to ask one or more questions, and record the information. This information can be used as part of the research conducted. Observational study is another form of collecting data. In observational studies the observer will study the habit and functions of the targeted population. In this case it would be the freshmen at this leading university that live on campus or in private off-campus dorms. All of these examples of collecting and conducting data will have to involve using samples conducted by the population and applying inferential information, which is obtained through representatives. These samples are typically those possessed by the population of interest when conducting a sample population by choosing random samples of every different sample size. It gives them an equal chance of selection and does not target those that would compromise the data. In conducting research and using a targeted population, always try to use as

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