Qnt 351 Data Collection Essay

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Data Collection

QNT/351 Quantitative Analysis for Business

Learning Team Assignment: Data Collection

Purpose of Assignment

The purpose of the Learning Team assignment is acquaint teams with the research study undertaken, purpose of the study, research question, and so on. The team assignment is to complete the first step in data analysis in the following form:

1. Describe the problem, purpose, research questions, and hypotheses 2. Evaluate of the instrument used for data collection 3. Describe and evaluate how the data was collected 4. Code the data and evaluate the procedure used 5. Clean the data by eliminating the data input errors made 6. Draw conclusions about appropriateness of data to meet the
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To obtain the reason behind the lowered morale, a ten-question survey was conducted of existing employees to understand company strengths as well as areas for needed improvement. Employees were asked questions such as, do your enjoy working at BIMS, are you paid fairly, does management treat you well, and do you enjoy your assigned shift (University of Phoenix Material, 2013) . As a 24-hour operation hypothesis range from employees not working the times they need, to addressing employee pride in their work that comes along with fair treatment by managerial staff members and fair compensation for services provided. Debbie Horner, the HR manager responsible for this survey felt the problem was concentrated in employee motivation and felt that this was the area that needed most improvement. Possible solutions to this are incentive competitions, shift changes, and change in managerial approach to individual needs to raise employee self-worth and satisfaction.
Both quantitative and qualitative data was collected from the survey. Using the quantitative data the Human Resource Manager Debbie Horner posed questions that varied from the numbers one through five. One was the worst rating and five was the best. Utilizing this data the human resource manager was enabled to gain a more clear

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