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QNT/351 1) The main purpose of descriptive statistics is to A. summarize data in a useful and informative manner B. make inferences about a population C. determine if the data adequately represents the population D. gather or collect data 2) The general process of gathering, organizing, summarizing, analyzing, and interpreting data is called A. statistics B. descriptive statistics C. inferential statistics D. levels of measurement 3) The performance of personal and business investments is measured as a percentage, return on investment. What type of variable is return on investment? A. Qualitative B. Continuous C. Attribute D. Discrete 4) What type of variable is the number of robberies reported in your city? A.…show more content…
sample mean D. Type II error 23) What is the level of significance? A. Probability of a Type II error B. Probability of a Type I error C. z-value of 1.96 D. Beta error 24) Suppose we test the difference between two proportions at the 0.05 level of significance. If the computed z is -1.07, what is our decision? A. Reject the null hypothesis B. Do not reject the null hypothesis C. Take a larger sample D. Reserve judgment 25) Which of the following conditions must be met to conduct a test for the difference in two sample means? A. Data must be at least of interval scale B. Populations must be normal C. Variances in the two populations must be equal D. Data must be at least of interval scale and populations must be normal 26) Which of the following statements about the two sample sizes is NOT true? Assume the population standard deviations are equal. A. Sample A = 11; sample B = 13 B. Sample A = 12; sample B = 14 C. Sample A = 13; sample B = 13 D. Sample A = 10; sample B = 16 27) What is the chart called when the paired data (the dependent and independent variables) are plotted? A. Scatter diagram B. Bar chart C. Pie chart D. Histogram 28) What is the variable used to predict the value of another called? A. Independent variable B. Dependent variable C. Correlation variable D. Variable of determination 29) Twenty randomly selected statistics students were given 15 multiple-choice questions and 15 open-ended

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