QoE in Femtocells

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Abstract: This paper reviews existing Femtocell architecture deployment options proposed by the 3GPP, highlights the increase on data consumption expected in the home environment and proposes a simulation study to assess the achievable QoE with each one of the proposed architectures taking into account the backhaul technologies. 1 Introduction In recent years the Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) in UK and the rest of the world have seen an exponential increase in the data consumption over their networks. This is due to the success of what is called “Mobile Broadband” contracts for laptops, which consume 100 times more data than a normal mobile device, the appearance of high-end smartphones which consume 8 times more data than a normal…show more content…
voice/video conference, where low delay and low jitter is required but some packet loss is acceptable), streaming (e.g. TV on demand, where jitter and delay are less important), interactive (e.g. web browsing, where a fast response is expected), and background (e.g. email or file transfer, which as the lowest requirements). Because the femtocells will be using a non-dedicated shared (with non-femto traffic) backhaul access technology (such as xDSL), the importance of delivering QoE is greater and more complex than in the macrocell case. Especially in the uplink as many of the fixed broadband technologies use asymmetrical link capacities. This means that some type of SLAs will need to be in place between the owner of the femtocell (MNO) and the owner of the backhaul access (ISP) to assure the required QoE for the different traffic flows [5]. Depending on the implementation solution used (from the 3GPP proposed ones) the technical difficulties to deliver an acceptable QoE will change. So although femtocells are a very good solution for offloading data from an overloaded mobile network, if the implementation/architecture is not correct it can affect the Quality of Experience (QoE) of the end user, which will prompt the end user to use the macrocell. 5. Conclusion and further work To avoid this situation, a simulation study will be carried on using as parameters: the future in-home data demands with the future femtocell voice and data demands, the different proposed

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