Essay on Qr Codes and Nursing

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Originally invented in 1994, by the Denso Wave Corporation in Japan, Quick response codes, or QR codes were intended to for the auto manufacturer Toyota as a means to track vehicles, as well as vehicle parts, during the manufacturing production stages of building their cars. The QR codes were designed to allow Toyota manufactures to identify parts by scanning a two dimensional barcode, or, QR code at high speed. Since its inception in 1994 QR codes have become one of the most popular types of barcode used in Japan. Used primarily through Smart phones, this technology quickly allows consumers to access information contained in the QR code. In recent years the QR barcodes have infiltrated the United States via consumer advertisers and…show more content…
In many cases this is critical with regards to saving someone’s life. Having access to their medical history, and or current medications could be critical in an emergency situation, when time is of the essence. In the medical field, this has become known as BCMA, which is bar code-assisted medication administration. BCMA technology is being used as an aid to combat medication administration errors, improve patient safety and provide more accurate medication administration documentation. Not only is this technology being used in the United States, “however, this technology is also used in European countries including Denmark, Italy and the Netherlands” (Hassink, Jansen, Helmons, 2012). There have been many studies conducted over the years to conclude whether or not BCMA technology is advantageous to the medical field, including hospitals, doctors, nurses, and pharmacists’. Research has concluded, that there are both advantages and disadvantages when implementing BCMA technology, as well as contrasting information when it comes down to whether or not the BCMA technology is actually reducing errors in medicine administration. Although, the studies have concluded that there are many issues with BCMA technology, none indicate that BCMA technology is failing to prevent
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