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1. Consider the three value disciplines described by Treacy and Wiersema. Create a two by three table in which you name and describe the three value disciplines in the left column. In the right column, describe what Quadrant does to support each one. Below the table, write a few sentences in which you take a position regarding which value discipline best describes Quadrant’s highest priority. Defend your reasoning.

The three value disciplines described by Treacy and Wiersema are:

|Three Value Disciplines |Quadrant’s Approach |
|Operational Excellence |Convenient, Cost Effective and Standardized
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2. Describe the critical elements of Quadrant’s value delivery system. What specific operations and supply chain practices contribute to the company’s success? Select the five that you think are most important and explain how they contribute.

Customer visits model community ( Customer selects lot signs contract ← Customer Visits Showroom for detailed selections & finalizes agreements ( Financing ( House is built within the time frame ( Contact is closed out

Though Quadrant expects the customers to follow the above flow chart however they were prepared for cursory changes in the process. However they tried to keep the even flow intact as far as possible and to drop the customer if his expectations were going beyond the even flow of the value delivery system.

To give more value to the customer they even started providing financing and made the signing of the contract much more convenient to the client.

Acquiring building sites in time, 40 item standard checklist , hiring right personnel to create a steady flow of customers, tying up with banks for hassle free financing, following stringent schedule, mixed model sequencing, partnering subcontractors in the process were some of the operations and supply chain practices that contributed to the company’s success.

As per my understanding following were the key functions which were really critical in their success:

1. Lean Value Chain: Following a lean value chain
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