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QUALCOMM Incorporation was incorporated in 1985. It manufactures and markets digital wireless telecommunications facilities and products. These products and services are based upon code division multiple access (CDMA) technology. This company is listed in the Fortune’s List of top 100 companies, which have the best environment to perform work. It has almost 20,000 employees.
There are four segments, in which company is operating: 1- QCT (Qualcomm CDMA technology) 2- QTL (Qualcomm Technology Licensing) 3- QWI (Qualcomm Wireless and Internet) 4- QSI (Qualcomm Strategic Initiatives)

2- Porter’s Five Forces of Qualcomm

2.1- Threat of Suppliers

I. For the purpose of manufacturing,
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It may have an influence upon the revenue of company, because it is earning most of its revenue in this region. 2- They are mainly focusing upon low price technology, and they have low price semiconductors as compared to their competitors. But now people are more quality conscious. They are more concerned about the high quality rather than to lower prices. 3- Many multinational companies like Intel, IBM, Acer with low price and high quality are also entering rapidly into the Asia region; this has increased the competition for the Qualcomm. 4- IBM and Intel have a strong position in the market of North America and Europe, and it is very difficult for the companies like Qualcomm to survive in these regions. It is merely impossible for the Qualcomm to compete with the strategy of lower prices and lower quality.

Here are some of the recommendations for the company: 1- Decentralization 2- Motivation 3- Innovative Technology 4- Flexibility 5- Transferability of Knowledge 6- Reorganization 7- Partnership 8- Outsourcing

5.1- Decentralization:
Qualcomm should adopt the strategy of decentralization of management. It should not use the hierarchical system; rather it should get all the employees involved in the strategic decisions of the management. Because when more brains get assemble, they present best idea for the
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