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1. QUALCOMM Inc. QUALCOMM Incorporation was incorporated in 1985. It manufactures and markets digital wireless telecommunications facilities and products. These products and services are based upon code division multiple access (CDMA) technology. This company is listed in the Fortune’s List of top 100 companies, which have the best environment to perform work. It has almost 20,000 employees. There are four segments, in which company is operating: 1- QCT (Qualcomm CDMA technology) 2- QTL (Qualcomm Technology Licensing) 3- QWI (Qualcomm Wireless and Internet) 4- QSI (Qualcomm Strategic Initiatives) 2- Porter’s Five Forces of Qualcomm 2.1- Threat of Suppliers I. For the purpose of manufacturing, assembling and the…show more content…
5.7- Partnership Company is performing very poor in the American and European regions. Its demand is getting decreasing. Company needs innovation. But it has low capital to be funded in the market. Company may acquire other IT technologies, which may also have low capital, and they also want to improve their products. For this purpose, company can do the partnership with Acer or Siemens etc. These companies are also performing poor as compared to the other market giants. But if these companies make partnership, they may have huge capital for innovation and to expand globally. 5.8- Outsourcing Company may also use the strategy of outsourcing. Outsourcing means to give the charge of one or more sectors of the company to other company, who is at best in that sector or product. Qualcomm has poor HR system, so this company can outsource its HR department to the IBM, which is performing and organizing very well its HR department. 6- CONCLUSION This report has discussed a brief analysis of Qualcomm Inc, and its position in the industry. This report also discusses the challenges which it has to confront. It is also shown that which strategies are adopted by the company and what are the weaknesses of those strategies in current era. By keeping view the overall industry and the weaknesses of the strategies adopted by the company, some recommendations are given to the company, so that it may have a strong
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