Qualifications-Based Criteria

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Research Question 2: At the time of bid submissions, is there a relationship between qualifications-based criteria and bid costs? Sub-Question 3: Are certain qualification-based criteria interrelated? The third research question responses to the concern consisting of whether or not it appears a relationship between qualifications-based criteria and the bid cost at the time of bid submission. Project onwers might want to investigate if they need to spend more money on higher qualification proposals. The hypothesis below tests that perception. Hypothesis 2: Greater qualifications correspond with greater bid cost. Data Collection The research data sample has a considerable amount of 171 BV procured DBB projects with multiple types,…show more content…
Observing the descriptive statistics of evaluation criteria shows that there is a huge range within the cost, technical proposal, and safety. Technical proposal has a dominant role in BV procurement in DBB projects. Cost comes up with the third rank same as interview with the maximum of 40%. The reason is that all of the collected projects procured with BV. Technical proposal and PPI gain the first (48%) and second rank (45%), respectively despite the fact that collected projects were delivered with DBB. In order to give statistical responses to the research questions as well as test the hypotheses, the descriptive analysis and inferential tests were demonstrated with the IBM SPSS 24.0 software package. Pearson’s correlation test was used to examine the relationship among the bid cost and other evaluation criteria with satisfaction of assumptions that data were normally distributed. Table 1. Descriptive Statistics of Evaluation Criteria Weights N Range (%) Minimum (%) Maximum (%) Mean (%) Median (%) Std. Deviation Cost 171 40 10 40 25.6 25 6.4 Technical Proposal 171 48 10 48 32.9 35 6.8 PPI 164 42 3 45 14.5 15 8.6 Interview 102 30 10 40 28.4 30 5.4 Schedule 105 20 2 20 8.4 7 4.5 Safety 43 48 1 30 9.4 10 4.1 FINDINGS AND DISCUSSION BV in DBB projects fairly substantial departure from
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