Qualifications for Philippine President

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Final Paper
March 18, 2013
Time to Change For the past twenty-six years, the people of the Philippines have been observing the rules drafted by 50 members of Constitution Commission assigned by former president Corazon Aquino. Some laws have been changed, and some laws have been added, but almost everything remains the same. One of the laws which have not been changed is the law that states the qualifications for president. For the past four Presidential elections, the Commissions on Elections used the 1987 Constitution of the Republic of the Philippines to evaluate the candidates for presidency. In the 1987 Constitution, Article 7 Sections 4 and 5 state the qualifications for president. First, one must be a natural-born citizen
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All of the said qualifications benefit the country and Filipino citizens, but these qualifications are too broad and in effect, there had been a large number of Filipino citizens who file for candidacy every Presidential election. Many of those people filed for candidacy just because they can, and they’re qualified. Imagine, a person who to is a natural-born citizen, registered voter, able to read and write, at least forty years of age, at least ten years in the country, and he or she has not yet been elected as president or served as president for more than four years, is already qualified for the position of president. And how many of those are there in the Philippines? Looking at the set of presidential qualifications, more than half of the Philippines’ population is qualified for presidency. The large number of candidates in an election makes it hard for voters to evaluate each and vote for the right candidate. With the current qualifications for presidency, voters do not only deal with a lot of names during campaign period and Election Day, but they also have to deal with nuisance candidates, who are either not on their sound mind or those who have no capabilities in campaigning or even running the country’s government. The nuisance candidates added to the large number of people who filed for candidacy create confusion among the voters and they
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