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In order to have a healthy and long lasting relationship with your significant other is to have quality time spent on each other as often as possible. One of the subcategory of quality time is to have a quality conversation with your significant other, which is requiring listening, and responding to them in a correct manner.
Quality time does not mean we are hanging out while doing different things. For example, sitting on the couch watching television together which is not quality timer. What quality time mean is to have undivided attention toward there partner and doing something together. Quality time should be turning off the television, making eye contact with each other and talking, giving each other undivided attention. It wills shows that they’re feeling is very important toward them and have someone to relies on emotional support.
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In some relationship people have complain that their spouse don’t give them enough undivided attention and some individuals do not talk like I mean they do not use words which lead to meaning that they do not often or rarely use sympathetic dialogue. With this situation it would cause the marriage or relationship to crumble into pieces like they would be fighting more often or one spouse not listening to the other spouse.. A quality conversation shows the environments and readiness to support innovation, to care for their partner, to develop trust and to enhance
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