Qualitative Analysis Of Comparative Market Data For Your Business Essay

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• Number of kilometers target customers located from Thai Rose Cafe: 5 km – 10 km 10 km – 15 km 15 km – 20 km 20 km – 25 km 25 km – 30 km 30 km – 35 km 35 km – 40 km Quantitative analysis techniques Results Result mean in terms of market trends and developments and impact on the business mean 20 km They live very close to the café and they have a lot of choices and options to choose from the other café and restaurant, they can be easily attracted to the other business once they find the offered products can meet their demands. In the future the business needs to target more of the customers within from 20 km of the company. 4. Identify and review a range of external sources of information (such as relevant books and articles, information on the internet, benchmarking studies) in order to conduct a qualitative analysis of comparative market data for your business. Write up the results of your qualitative analysis. External sources of information Results of reviewing these sources 1. Book name: Thai Street Food (David Thompson, 2013) The book is about the stir fry and curry products offered in the local Thai hawker street food and introduce the local Thai street food styles. The book introduces the original recipe from the early age of the Thai cooking and how it was evolved into the modern business models. 2. Company report: 2015 Thai Rose Café financial report Explain the cash position, cash performance and net cash situation within the business in year 2015. It also
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