Qualitative Analysis Of Women In The Military

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The purpose of my paper is to identify a problem statement using qualitative methodology reflecting the Doctorate of Business Administration degree. This paper will discuss the problem and purpose statements of women in the military and what they bring to the fight. This paper explains my research effort, along with the design that is associated with qualitative methodology to answer my research questions, and the design used to resolve the questions.
Problem Statement
The problem with military careers for women is that currently, women make up 14% of the 1.4 million active military personnel but are limited to serve in only 230,000 combat positions (Gourdeau, 2013). Many issues have been pushed by those in favor of women serving in warzone
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Haring (2013)’s research recommends that by making women a part of every organization, it enhances and strengthens the charisma and well-being of the organization. This paper states that gender appearance should not come from the characteristic solely on physical strength but rather coincide with it, making the units more diverse and well-rounded all together both mentally and physically.
Research Questions
1.) What gives women the motivation to step out of their comfort zone to serve our country, knowing they are idealized as the weaker gender?
2.) What does the civilian world think of women as leaders in a male-dominated field?
Potential Study Participants
Potential study participants could be fellow men and women, who serve side-by-side in the military world. Receiving their first-hand advice and feedback on women in battle would be a very accurate, yet personal source. Also, utilizing online databases with scholarly peer-reviewed journals provide very accurate, efficient, and up-to-date
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They are an integral part of the military environment, handling everyday affairs with their creative thinking, team cohesion, and empathetic personalities. The will and determination of civil and military authorities challenge the current condition of women in today’s society, as well as the motivations and interests of new generations of soldiers. This will help contribute to shape the future of female soldiers. The nature of women being called to battle requires them to be trained and ready to fill the roles of combat positions within the U.S.
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