Qualitative And Quantitative Methods Of A Humanitarian Crisis Essay

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Qualitative and Quantitative methods Introduction:- Qualitative and quantitative methods and its information are very significant and it tends to develop a shared understanding of people how are they affected by any emergency problems. It is also helps us to understand the importance and measure of a humanitarian crisis by giving a numbers of picture of its impact upon the affected communities. Quantitative addresses the question, like how many, or how much and so forth. In another hand, qualitative data try to focuses on limitations the nature of the impact of an epidemic upon affected populations. Qualitative data answers questions of like how and why coping strategies have adapted, or is it failed to adapt, to bring change in the incident. Collection, collation, analysis, and synthesis of qualitative and quantitative information, gathered together and analysed using suitable sources, tools, and methods is the cornerstone of quick needs an identification that allows decision makers to plan a timely, suitable and organized emergency response. In these methods when obligation a needs evaluation, a combination of several types and sources of data is important to build a good image of the affected population. In this study sources include both primary and secondary data for information. Here both types of information include qualitative and quantitative data. Source of the data:- Primary data:- While going to start the study
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