Qualitative And Quantitative Research Methodology

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Methodology is a vital fraction of research. It is a systematic process where the value of research is dealt in methodology itself. Research methodology constitutes the core base and structure of the study through which data is collected and analyzed. Research methodology is based on research processes and the kind of tools and procedures to be used (Babbie, 2002). It indicates the general pattern of organizing the procedure for gathering reliable data for the research problem. Methodology is the philosophical framework within which the research is conducted or the foundation upon which the research is based (Brown, 2006) Research methodology is very important in research because it explains the entire process of the study. This chapter explicates the information concerning methods, approaches and design, the location where the purpose…show more content…
In order to assess adolescent’s awareness and attitude towards reproductive health quantitative and qualitative approach was used. A combination of these techniques was used so as to minimize subjectivity of judgment (Kealy and Protheroe, 1996), and also to give room for personal experiences of the participants. The use of the both these approaches could find flexibility in data collection and interpretation of the collected information. The most common, useful purposes and main aims of research were exploration, description and rational explanation based on data (Richardson, 2005; Babbie, 2007). In this study, quantitative research methodology was used to assess adolescents knowledge and attitude towards reproductive health and qualitative research was used to find out opinions and views through discussions about importance of reproductive health information, areas of reproductive health education and to determine a Social Work intervention programme to promote reproductive health awareness, to create adolescent friendly institutions and effective use of reproductive health
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