Qualitative And Quantitative Research Methods

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Qualitative and quantitative research methods are two alternative applications for research methods. Both are very different in how data is collected, what data is collected, and how data is measured. Both of these research methods are utilized amongst the major areas of psychology and the social sciences. This paper will provide a brief description of qualitative and quantitative methods, provide the differences between the two approaches along with the terminology used for both; I will also refer to my article of choice from week one and specify which research method is used in that particular study; and finally, I will determine whether that same research study is non-experimental or experimental. First off, how is qualitative and…show more content…
With this method, a phenomenon is explained without much emphasis on what caused the event to occur. This process examines a situation as it exists in its current state (Bhawna & Gobind, 2015, p. 49). Then there is experimental research. This method is the opposite of descriptive research. The goal here is to explain a phenomenon. Thoughts, feelings, and behaviors are described, and a causal statement is made (Newman, 2016). The experimental research employs the use of control groups and experimental groups; as well as independent and dependent variables. The control group is the baseline for the comparison while the experimental group serves to test the hypothesis (Newman, 2016). Independent variables are manipulated during an experiment, while the dependent variable is what is measured by the outcome of the independent variable (Newman, 2016). Then there is causal research. Bhawna and Gobind (2015) state, "In causal research, the researcher examines how the independent variables reflected by the dependent variables and involve cause and effect relationships between the variables (p. 50)." Qualitative and quantitative research methods are frequently used when conducting psychological research. However, each has a different objective and involve a different procedure. When an individual or researcher attempts to test their hypothesis, it is imperative that they know the difference in the two. Knowing the difference will help scientists
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