Qualitative Anion Tests Essay

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Exercise 14: Qualitative Anion Tests PURPOSE: The purpose of this experiment is to identify some commonly occurring anions & to study some of the reactions used for their identification. PROCEDURE: You must first determine to which of the three groups the various anions belong. Since no two people observe the same event in exactly the same way it is important to also conduct specific confirmation tests on the known samples of each anion. This information will help identify the anion present in the unknown solution. After determining to which group the unknown solution belongs the specific confirmation test will enable you to conclusively identify which anion is present in the unknown solution. 1. Before beginning, set…show more content…
If the paper turns black (caused by PbS) this indicates the presence of sulfide. Thoroughly clean and dry the test tubes before beginning tests on the next solution. Cleanup: Tightly cap the bottle of silver nitrate solution and put it in the Experiment 11 bag so it will be easy to find when you need it for the next experiment. Flush any other remaining solutions down the drain with lots of water. Properly rinse all equipment used, then dry and store for future use. OBSERVATIONS: | | |Data Table: Qualitative Anion Tests | | |Test Tube 1 |Test Tube 2 w/AgNO3 | |Test Tube 3 | |Name |w/HCl | |w/HNO |Confirmation | | |NR |White ppt |Not dissolved |Gold color | |Bromide | | | | | | |Gas |White ppt |Dissolved
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