Qualitative Data Collection And Analysis

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This interview has revealed a deep connection (H) has with this program, students, and teacher. It has also described the successfulness this tutoring program has become for students participants as well as the success the teacher has in her classroom. In order to reach conclusions regarding the successfulness of the program and the attitude of (H) regarding the program, data from the interview must be collected and analyzed appropriately. Qualitative data collection and analysis is appropriate for an interview because it is not using numerical data but instead descriptive narrative and visual information. Interviews allow the researcher to get more information about the study that observation alone will not achieve. Gay & Mills (2016) suggested, “Interviews provide information that is inaccessible through observation” (p. 550). During the interview, the researcher must take notes and/or record the verbal interaction taking place between the interviewer and interviewee. If the interview is recorded, one must have it transcribed in order to properly and easily collect important data necessary to the research.
As part of qualitative data collection and analysis, it is important to identify themes and code pieces of data from the interview transcript. After highlighting and making notes from the interview transcript I noticed several different themes emerging. These themes included

According to Gay & Mills (2016), a way to analyze data is to consider the big picture and…
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