Qualitative Design Chart Essay

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Qualitative Design Chart The type of data collection for a qualitative research study depends on the research design. The qualitative design itself originates out of the disciplines and flow throughout the process of research (Creswell, 2014). Creswell (2014) recommends narrative, phenomenology, ethnography, case study, and grounded theory as common qualitative research methods. These were recommended because of they are popular across the social and health and science research studies. Hays and Woods (2011) asserted that selecting a research tradition congruent with one's research orientation and study purpose, and at the same time, infusing it in all phases of qualitative inquiry, is one of the key criterions for trustworthiness of…show more content…
This introduces a range of strategic, ethical, and personal issues with the qualitative research process. Therefore, inquirers explicitly identify reflexively their biases, values, and personal background, such as gender, history, culture, and socioeconomic status that shapes their interpretations from during the study (Creswell, 2014). Given its importance in framing the design and maximizing rigor of qualitative inquiry, the purpose of this paper is to provide an overview of major qualitative research traditions and illustrate how their infusion into various qualitative research design components. For this purpose, this paper will construct a chart that will list different designs that may be appropriate for some upcoming studies. For each design, the type of data collection is included. The above paragraphs include discussions in the possible qualitative designs and data collection methods of an upcoming research paper. The following section will discuss the selection of an adequate sample size, using best practice for qualitative research. The paper shows a chart showing five different qualitative methods of research, along with the typical data collection methods. The paper will then conclude by summarizing the significant points. Sample size One of the fundamental tasks in qualitative research, other than the selection of a research topic, is to create credible research by obtaining an appropriate sample. This is to
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