Qualitative Methods Of Environmental Studies

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In Qualitative Methods in Environmental Studies, we learned a great deal of different methodological approaches to research. We gained a better understanding of what qualitative methods actually is and the important roles researcher and participant play throughout the research process. Leavy describes qualitative research as “a way of learning about social reality” (2014, p. 2). It is important to know that qualitative research is not a one-way approach to collecting and generating knowledge. It is an interdisciplinary, transdisciplinary, or counterdisciplinary methodological field; meaning that it looks at a variety of perspectives and utilizes its many approaches to research (Leavy, 2014, p. 2). Ultimately, there is a “social justice…show more content…
This is so as to take in multiple points of view into consideration. As a novice qualitative researcher, I have and will continue to acknowledge the value my own situated experiences and knowledge. This ultimately relates to reflexivity, which is a “focus on how does who I am, who I have been, who I think I am, and how I feel affect data collection and analysis – that is, an acceptance and acknowledgment that how knowledge is acquired, organized, and interpreted is relevant to what the claims are” (Pillow, 2003, p. 176). Considering this allows me to be accountable for my thoughts and my social and political stance while going through the process of research. During the beginning stages of research, I was very much in favour of incorporating more green spaces on campus and was optimistic that my fellow York community members would agree (research journal, 2016). Looking at our research question: How does York University’s growing investment in infrastructure affect the student experience in regards to green space? I thought, yes, they will most definitely be impacted by this. But then I considered my background. I grew up in a relatively rural area, with farmland and forest surrounding my home. I am also a student of environmental studies. Clearly, I would advocate for more green spaces on campus. It was important for me to acknowledge this and not force my beliefs on other people. In order
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