Qualitative Research And Quantitative Research

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In order to carry out my research, there were two feasible arguments to using qualitative research and quantitative methods. Qualitative research is recording information that express information about feelings, values and attitudes using words, whereas quantitative research uses data that is expressed in numerical form using descriptive and inferential statistics (Lindlof & Taylor, 2002). Quantitative research is useful when measuring facts and is structured using characterised surveys and statistical reliability (Grossnickle & Raskin, 2002), in contrast qualitative research can be useful to explore areas which are difficult to define, for example, underlying motives for people’s views and attitudes and can offer a more humanitarian approach.

There are positives and negatives to support both research to support each of these research methods. In my experience of obtaining research for a ‘Community Audit’, what is understood to be a method of obtaining of information useful by a community (Packham, 2000). The focus of this Community Audit, a participatory form of research, aimed to explore the identity of a sub-culture of young people who hung around a particular area of concern within Manchester City Centre. In this instance, qualitative research was the preferred method due to the aim of what the research was aiming to achieve throughout the process, such as, developing relationships, rather than focusing solely on the gathering of information and report producing.
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