Qualitative Research Assignment 1

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When conducting research I will be undertaking qualitative research. One of the reason I will be using qualitative research is because I would like to understand the respondents experience and view on whether they felt that the technology they used helped or hindered their relationship with friends and family while they were living abroad. O'Leary (2014) gives an excellent explanation of qualitative research, she states "it also strongly argues the value of depth over quantity and works at developing into social complexities in order to truly explore and understand the interactions, processes, lived experiences and belief systems that are a part of individuals institutions, cultural groups and even the everyday" (O'Leary 2014:130).
This research will be based on a phenomenology study.
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I will then be able to compare experiences in a time where technology was not as advance and communication was slow to a time where technology is more advance and communication is instant. Furthermore, the reason I am conducting interviews because I would like to get a better understanding of the respondents experience of technology while living abroad, I also would like to experience if the respondents felt that technology helped or hindered their relationship with friends and families. Zina O' Leary explains (2014) "the goal of the interviews, most often conducted as 'conversations', is to draw out rich descriptions of lived experience. In other words, you want respondents to tell you what a phenomenon feels like, what it reminds them of, and how they would describe it. This often involves digging below the surface of words to understand the meaning behind them" (O' Leary
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