Qualitative Research Critique Essay

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Qualitative Research Critique Grand Canyon University: NRS-433V October 19, 2014 Qualitative Research Critique “High rates of staff turnover in nursing homes is not a recent phenomenon. As far back as the mid-1970s studies have documented average turnover rates for registered nurses (RNs), licensed vocational nurses (LVNs) and certified nurse’s aides (CNAs) ranging between 55% and 75%” (Mor,V., Mukamel, D.B., & Spector,W. D. 2009, 1). Long term care facilities (LTC) have staffing issues related to the high turnover of licensed staff. The effect can have a heavy financial burden and also affect the care given to residents. Many ask the question why is it hard to attract and keep nurses at a long term facility. The International…show more content…
Another question would be: what are the reasons or factors that would cause a nurse to terminate their employment? The purpose and questions related to the problem; the findings resulted in learning about what is important to nurses when they are making decisions to stay or terminate employment. The methods used in this study were stated as qualitative –descriptive. The sample size was 17 RN’s and 24 LPN’s which, for a qualitative study is sufficient. The participants were mostly female with an average age of 48 years. They interviewed staff from seven different LTC homes across Ontario, Canada. Prior to the study, permission was obtained from the Toronto Rehabilitation Institute Research Ethics Board, and also from the administrators of each facility. The researchers also obtained consents from staff who were interested in participating in the study, prior to setting up focus groups... Each focus group was digitally recorded; confidentiality was assured and information was analyzed, coded, and reached a level of saturation. “The sample was sufficient to explore and develop analytic generalizations about working circumstances that influence the nurses’ intention to stay in LTC facilities” (Boscart, V. M., Bowers, B., Brown, M., & McGilton, K.S.2014). Literature Review The author used several qualitative resources that were cited throughout their
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