Qualitative Research Critique Essay

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Article Citation Gilmartin, J. (2003). Day surgery: Patients’ perceptions of a nurse-led preadmission clinic. Journal of Clinical Nursing 13, 243-250. Initial Reaction This research article is from the UK and the writer questions if the findings from this study will have heuristic relevance and applicability to nursing and healthcare in the United States (U.S.). Primary healthcare in the UK is provided through the National Health Service (NHS); this writer has little knowledge as to how it works and its impact on patient care and nursing. This limited knowledge may introduce bias in this critique. Descriptive Vividness The significance of this study is to determine if a preadmission clinic process can be developed and…show more content…
246). Twenty-two participants spoke of the provision of information giving as comprehensive and helpful in surgical preparation, in contrast eight participants felt the information giving was deficient in its content. One individual went on to say “I personally felt that I was not given any information once the preassessemnt nurse discovered I worked as a staff nurse on a day surgery unit in another hospital” (Gilmartin, 2003, p. 247). Negative case studies do not weaken research findings but make the study more credible as the researcher has considered alternative views in the analysis of data (Tappen, 2011). As this research consisted of 30 participants, a table format listing the four themes with clustered excerpts would have provided this writer with easier interpretation of the data collected. It would have been useful to quantitatively designate the percentage of participants in support of a theme versus those with alternative perceptions. Narrative display of data collection findings made this research less vivid for this writer. Methodological Congruence Documentation, procedural, and ethical rigor was established in this research study with some suggestions for improvement to follow. This research was stated to be a hermeneutic phenomenological research using a mixed methodological approach, Colaizzi and van Manen. This researcher made in-depth clarifying statements to support the van Manen
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