Qualitative Research For Social Sciences

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Alysha Angrilli: Seminar 1 1 Qualitative Research for Social Sciences Introduction Qualitative research is the study of how people make sense of things. According to Berg and Lune (2012), qualitative researchers aim to investigate the qualities of experiences that people have, while gathering an in-depth understanding of human behavior and the reasons behind it. In other words, qualitative researchers examine the underlying meanings, patterns, and relationships of social phenomena in order to describe people’s experiences and perceptions. Furthermore, there are…show more content…
An example of inductive reasoning is demonstrated through McNamara, Vaantaja, Dunseith and Franklin’s study (2014) on recess programs in four low socioeconomic status Southern Ontario schools. In this study, the researchers aimed to explore how recess influences children’s interactions and developmental pathways. They implemented recess programs to suit the needs and interests of children by providing them with sports equipment as well as many other options for the children to choose from. Researchers applied recess coordinator positions, which required university students to volunteer their time to guide students during recess. In addition, they implemented a Junior Recess leaders program where students from fifth to eighth grade were trained to assist children in conflict resolution, encourage meaningful play and assist with equipment management. The researchers explored the students, administrators, teachers and volunteers’ personal opinions on the recess program and their findings suggest that recess program provide a supportive environment for the students. Furthermore, they were able to connect and engage in positive experiences on the playground which lead to increased feelings of safety and acceptance (McNamara et al., 2014). The researchers used inductive reasoning by implementing the recess programs, detecting
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