Qualitative Research Methods

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COURSE | : | QUALITATIVE RESEARCH METHODS AND APPROACHES | COURSE CODE | : | BIR6024 | CREDIT | : | 4 | SLT | : | 160 hours | PREREQUISITE | : | GRU6014 | SEMESTER | : | First / Second | LEARNING OUTCOMES | : | 1. Use qualitative research methods and approaches in collecting and analyzing data. 2. Conduct qualitative research methods in education. 3. Critical in evaluating research reports. 4. Demonstrate ethical practices in collecting and analyzing data. | SYNOPSISLECTURERS’ DETAILS : | :: | The course exposes students to the techniques for collecting, analyzing and interpreting qualitative data. The course will operate on two inter-related dimensions, one focused on the…show more content…

Wood, L.A. & Kroger, R.O. (2000). Doing Discourse Analysis: Methods for Studying
Action in Talk and Text. Sage Publications: London.

Young, L. & Fitzgerald, B. (2006). The Power of Language: How Discourse Influences Society. London: Equinox Publishing Ltd.


1. Assignment 1 (20%) 2. Assignment 2 (50%) 3. Final Examination (30%)

Assignment 1: INTERVIEW
Deadline: 10th June 2013

Assignment Description

In this assignment, you are required to develop an interview protocol (see sample). The interview protocol needs to address the issue that you plan to research on.

Tasks: i. Identify a research problem related to your field. ii. Develop research questions in relation to the identified research problem. iii. Prepare an interview protocol that will address the research questions. iv. Pilot test your interview protocol (on at least 2 respondents). v. Based on the results of the pilot test, identify the strengths and weaknesses of your interview protocol. vi. Improve your interview protocol. You need to provide the original and improved versions of the interview protocol.

Marking Scheme Element | Marks | * A statement of the Research Problem | 2 marks | * Research QuestionsThere must be 3 main questions. Each main question must have at least 3 sub-questions. A rationale must be given for each main question and sub-question. | Main
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