Qualitative Research : Qualitative And Quantitative Research

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Quality versus quantity or numerical as opposed to nonnumeric data is what come to mind when thinking about qualitative and quantitative research. In other words, quantitative research utilizes numbers while qualitative research does not. Another noteworthy distinction between the two methods lies in data collection. Unlike qualitative research which is employed to transform data into statistics, qualitative research is utilized to gain a deeper understanding or underlying opinions, reasons and motivations.
Quantitative research is exploratory in the sense that it attempts to understand people’s daily interaction and how they perceive and make sense of the world around them (Tewsbury, 2009; Murchison, 2010). This is often referred to as the holistic approach. More specifically, qualitative analysis aims at providing rich, precise, complete and detailed description of an issue.
In order to gain a deeper understanding of a problem, researchers employing qualitative approach, especially in ethnography, tend to travel long distance and study the culture of the subject firsthand. In other words, they become participant observers (Murchison, p. 7, 2010). Ethnographer’s data derives from firsthand interaction or involvement with research subject. Interactions stems from day-to-day conversations, face-to-face interviews to share rituals and emotional experiences (p. 4). Research subjects in ethnography are referred to as informants or individuals with (expert) knowledge on the…
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