Qualitative Research and Celebrity Endorsement

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The Effectiveness of Celebrity Endorsement in India Abstract The practice of celebrities being used for rendering services other than performing their actual job as either an actor or an athlete, such as endorsements has proliferated over time. Despite the cost and the risks involved with this technique of advertising, it is been used quite extensively in the present era. The instrument of celebrity endorsement has nowadays become a pervasive element in advertising and communication management. Chapter 1: Introduction 1.1 Background to the topic Marketers spend enormous amounts of money annually on celebrity endorsement contracts based on the belief that celebrities are effective spokespeople for their…show more content…
Also the use of interviews has been reasoned in this chapter. Apart from this the criterion for the selection of the sample size is disclosed. Chapter 4 reveals the the analysis and interpretation of the responses which were collected during the interviews.A wide range of sub-topics under this theme has been touched upon, some of the results are consistent with the literature review and some opposing. Chapter 5 related to the final conclusion where all the findings from the research has been summarised. 9 Chapter 6 finally expresses the limitations that were faced while conducting this research. It also states an extensive area appropriate for future research and finally divulge the managerial implication which would facilitate in a better execution of celebrity endorsed campaigns. 10 Chapter 2: Literature Review This chapter discusses the concept of celebrity endorsement in general and the related theories associated with it. The literature review forms the main pedestal of the dissertation as the consequent analysis and future result is based on it. The review is done of the literature on celebrity endorsements and the Indian market. 2.1 Introduction “Celebrity is an omnipresent feature of society, blazing lasting impressions in the memories of all who cross its path.” - Kurzman et.al (2007) Indian market is not by a large space, an easy audience to target
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