Qualitative Study Analysis Paper

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Research Study Analysis #2
1. The search terms I used to locate this study were “academic performance” and “high school athletes.” I found the study in the SPORTDiscus with Full Text database. There were several reasons why I chose this study to analyze over other studies identified in the search results. The main reason I chose this study was because its research question most directly addressed my research topic. The other aspects of the study that made it seem worth investigating were that it was peer reviewed, it was published within the last year, and it examined students within the United States. Many of the other studies in the search results analyzed student samples from other countries; but in order to maintain consistency and keep my research topic somewhat narrow, I want to only look at studies that investigate athletics in secondary education in the United States.
Eldridge, J., Palmer, T., Gillis, K., Lloyd, R., Squires, Jr., W., & Murray, T. (2014). Comparison of
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There is no “review of literature” section in this study. However, in the “Introduction,” the authors discuss some of the background knowledge for the study. They mention how previous research done in Texas has shown that, on average, fitter students score higher on Texas state assessments. The authors also discuss that, based on previous research, athletes are more likely to be fit because they engage in physical activity for more hours during the week than non athletes. The authors include additional background information explaining that although participation in athletics has not been shown to increase intelligence scores, previous research has shown that there is a correlation between athletic participation and higher academic performance. However, the authors believe that there have been limitations in such studies, such as small sample sizes with lack of ethnic diversity. Therefore, they conducted their research study to address some of those
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